Bike Tire Balloon Arch!

April 27th, 2016

bike tire balloon archtire balloon arche

Can we really make a bike tire balloon arch?  REI wanted to promote their Knobby Tread Dirt Prom and this balloon arch just rolled in!  Expect the unexpected from us and keep those parties riding in.

Decorations for larger spaces

March 7th, 2016

balloon pillarsballoon pillars and arch

Not very often do we get a chance to put a large balloon arch indoors! Usually you have a hard time just making a small balloon arch fit. This is a sixty five foot arch and as you can tell there is actually room for an even larger balloon arch. This makes for a very fun and exciting focal piece, if you have the space to do it. Combine it with our balloon column wraps and the party starts to come alive!

Great Cause and amazing prizes!

February 26th, 2016

Mighty Millions Raffle

Don’t forget to buy tickets to the Children’s Hospital Colorado Mighty Millions Raffle!


February 6th, 2016

broncos balloon denver broncos balloons denver
broncos balloons DIA broncos balloons denver airportbroncos balloons denver international airport

Good luck to the Denver Broncos as they go for another Super Bowl win!!!  We always have a fun time decorating for any sized broncos party, but you can’t help feel something special when you are asked to decorate an International airport!!  Big stuff and so are the balloons!

Happy New Years!!!!

January 11th, 2016

Another New Year’s Day in the books!  Not sure if and how you celebrated it, but we like to celebrate when it is over 🙂  Umphrey’s Mcgee at the Fillmore and String Cheese Incident at the First Bank Center were just a couple of our stops this year.  Please everyone have a safe and Happy New Year from everyone here at BALLOONATICS!

Who’s the twisted turkey here?

November 30th, 2015

twisted thanksgiving turkey balloons bookworm balloon sculpture

We have lots of fun around here during the holidays. From funny twisted balloons to cool one of a kind birthday gifts. Expect only the most creative excitement from us, that is what separates us from everyone else!

Fall time is fun with our balloons!

October 31st, 2015

twisted balloon monkeys
balloon animals
fall festival balloons

Fall can always bring lots of fun with pumpkins and kids in costumes. From twisted balloon monkeys and large twisted balloon animals to large balloon pumpkin arches, we have you covered in fall time fun! We love this time of year so call us and let us know how we can create some excitement for you and your company.

Colorado Convention Center filled with balloons!

August 28th, 2015

custom colored balloons Denver Convention Center custom large banner balloons Denver Convention Center
custom balloon sculpture Denver Convention Center custom balloon arch Denver Convention Center
custom balloon columns pillars towers Denver Convention Center custom balloon decorations Denver Convention Center

Davita hosting their annual University event at the Colorado Convention Center! Always expect Davita to pull out all of the stops when creating a fun filled learning experience. From balloon sculpture directionals that aided in guiding people to their end destination, to full color filled hallways that one just had to walk through! From large to small BALLOONATICS creates excitement!

“Sorry you are leaving”

July 31st, 2015

retirement balloons denver retirement balloons denver colorado

Time for a Retirement Party? Well you just have to have the right balloons for that occasion! Here we have a fun and colorful outdoor theme with all of the bright colors. Say ‘goodbye’ in a fun a memorable way.

Night Club balloons filled with FUN!

May 31st, 2015

industrial chic balloons industrial chic balloons denver
industrial chic balloons denver synth

We recently were asked to create balloon decorations with an Industrial Chic flair to them. We decided to have create a 3D letter sign and we used mylar balloons filled with air and hung from the ceiling. With the excellent reflective surfaces we were able to add extra light and atmosphere with the reflections all over the room!

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